Shane Boyd, MBA
Written by Shane Boyd. January 29th 2019
Advertising clutter is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s because of this clutter your prospects may not even be paying attention to you. After all, most people try their hardest to ignore advertisements.
And who can...
Written by Shane Boyd on January 30th, 2019
Have you ever met a half-a-minder or a gonna doer? You know, the ones who say “I’ve got half a mind to do such and such” or “I’m gonna do [fill in the blank] later, or next week or…whenever.” They say such powerful words, but...
Written by Shane Boyd. February 1st, 2019
In my opinion, nothing embodies the true meaning of persistence more than plants in their natural environment. Let’s take the apple seed for example. Did you know that it takes approximately eight years for an apple seed to...

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