Shane Boyd, MBA
The Story of the Apple Seed
Written by Shane Boyd. February 1st, 2019
In my opinion, nothing embodies the true meaning of persistence more than plants in their natural environment. Let’s take the apple seed for example. Did you know that it takes approximately eight years for an apple seed to grow into a full size fruit bearing tree (Almanac Staff, 2017)? That means that the seed will be in the ground for a LONG time before it ever bears fruit.

Within that apple seed lies the potential to become a 20 foot tall fruit bearing tree. Now, the tree does not exist inside the seed mind you. The seed needs resources from the environment (source) before it becomes a fruit bearing tree. Nonetheless, the seed has the potential to become a 20 foot tall tree…IF…and it’s a big…IF…the seed sticks with it and doesn’t quit.

What would happen if the seed, after two weeks, saw no progress (i.e. no fruit), so the seed just said “Screw it. This stuff doesn’t work.”, and just gave up. Stopped growing. Stopped producing.

Remember, it takes 8 years for the seed to grow into a fruit bearing tree. But if it had the mentality of most people I meet, there’d be no apples. Because after a few weeks of hard work and no apples to show for it, the seed might get discouraged and throw in the towel, much like some people I know (some very intimately). If the seed gave up, that would be tragic.

I love apples. I love apple pie, apple cake, apple sauce, apple juice, apple cider, apple cookies and on and on. If the apple seed gave up, just look at what the world would miss out on. A lot of joy, a lot of good, and a lot of fond memories would be gone and lost forever if the apple seed got tired of trying. Even though everything in science (or the universe) tells the apple seed it takes about 8 years to become a full grown apple tree. 

Without persistence, the apple seed would fail. It would never live to its full potential.

Are you living up to your full potential? Or have you thrown in the towel a time or two (or more)? If you would stick to something, (anything), for 8 years…odds are pretty good that you’d be an expert at it. Even if you weren’t an expert, you’d be pretty darned good don’t you think.

The moral of the story?

Stick with it. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, stick with it until it becomes a reality. Your life is as you will it.

It will be awesome.

You need only believe.


Shane Boyd

Shane Boyd

Shane Boyd is a Marketing Consultant and Paradigm Coach. He is an expert at helping people attract their ideal clients while attracting their ideal lives. If you're interested in increasing your revenue by 30%-60% or more, WITHOUT increasing your advertising costs and attracting clients that pay, stay and refer, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.

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