Is Your Advertising Being Ignored By Your Prospects?
Written by Shane Boyd. January 29th 2019
Advertising clutter is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s because of this clutter your prospects may not even be paying attention to you. After all, most people try their hardest to ignore advertisements. 

And who can blame them? Studies from CBS News reports that consumers were exposed to nearly 500 ads a day in the 1970’s to approximately 5,000 ads a day now. If your prospects are exposed to nearly 5,000 advertisements a day, how in the world are you going to stand out in all that noise?
One of the simplest yet most powerful ways to stand out through all the advertising clutter is to have a truly unique selling proposition (USP). Let me explain. Your USP should answer the one simple question in your prospect’s mind; “Why should I choose to do business with you as opposed to all other options available to me, including doing nothing at all?” 

If you can answer that one simple question, not only will you stand out from the other businesses in your field, but your prospects will beat a path to your door because they’ll clearly see that your USP speaks directly to them.
Nobody pays attention to advertisements that don’t speak directly to them, including your prospects. However, a powerful USP can stop your prospects dead in their tracks, grab them by the shirt collar and force them to pay attention. A USP that powerful needs to have three characteristics.
• It promises a big benefit to your prospect. It proudly broadcasts: “Buy this product or service and you will get these specific benefits.” The most important message a powerful USP delivers is a message about benefits. It clearly states what your prospects will receive once they buy.
• A powerful USP is dramatically different from what your competitors are offering or claiming. It must be something your competitors either cannot or do not offer. In other words, it differentiates your product or service from your competition.
• A powerful USP needs to be so inviting, so appealing, so exciting, so motivating that it draws prospects to your business like sweet nectar draws in hummingbirds. In other words, your USP needs to be strong enough to cause your prospects to buy.
Crafting your USP is only one simple part in a more grandiose plan to grow your business. Even so, crafting your USP should definitely be the first step you take in your business growth strategy. Your USP is really about serving your customer in a way your competition can’t or won’t. So make sure your USP delivers a big promise of benefits, so you will stand out from the clutter as the obvious person your prospect should do business with.
At True Paradigm Group, I help entrepreneurs create compelling USPs to attract the IDEAL clients. Then I show them how to unleash their USP to increase their profits without increasing their advertising costs. 

With my help, you’ll be able to attract clients that pay, stay and refer.
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Shane Boyd, MBA

Shane Boyd is a Marketing Consultant and Paradigm Coach.  He is an expert at helping people attract their ideal clients while attracting their ideal lives. 
If you're interested in increasing your revenue by 30%-60% or more, WITHOUT increasing your advertising costs and attracting clients that pay, stay and refer, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.

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