About Shane Boyd
Shane Boyd is an entrepreneur from the United States, who (after getting run over by a truck and needing brain surgery to live...seriously) decided that life is too short to live a life you hate waking up to.  After becoming a human speed bump (literally and metaphorically) he decided to start living the life he wanted to live, not the life he was told to live. So he started his own business in 2004 and never looked back.  

Shane is a marketing consultant and paradigm coach who helps entrepreneurs increase their profits 30-60% (or more) without increasing their advertising costs.  Not only that, he helps entrepreneurs attract their IDEAL clients while they attract their IDEAL lives so they too, can live with passion and live on purpose.   

Shane works with millennial business owners who are sick of being sold marketing tactics that don't work, sick of working with problem clients and sick of the lack of stability in their business. 

Shane reveals the IDEAL way to attract clients that pay, stay and refer so you can earn more money, cut the fat from your marketing budget, and decrease your workload, enabling you to work on causes you are passionate about and live on purpose. 
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